Business Feng Shui Consultations

More Profits to the Bottom Line

Happier Employees Resulting in Less Turnover

More Efficient and Functional Spaces


Consultations include but not limited to:

  • Bagua Analysis - Learn where various aspects of your business such as wealth, helpful people and vision fall in your layout.
  • Review of Printed Materials and Website.
  • Additions to Make Space More Appealing or Efficient.
  • Conversations with Permitted Staff Members to Assess Needs and Traffic Flow.

Every business has its own unique needs and goals, so a phone conversation precedes on-site consultations to ascertain challenges of each space and the desires of the client. A written report with analysis and suggestions follows each consultation, although Diane is available by phone or email to clarify and add to any recommendations. Design services such as layouts, colors, furniture and material selection are also available.

Diane has consulted with me on several "problem offices". Each time the results were even better than I hoped for. Our company was able to retain managers, decrease sick time, and increase doctors' performances as a result of implementing her suggestions. Diane has a way of communicating clearly and making small adjustments that require little time and money, but that have a large impact on the bottom line to the company and the satisfaction of employees.

Rose Greenbaum R.D.H. - District Manager - BrightNow! Dental

Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, and Day Spas

Facilities jamaica blog negril sex viagra are often bland and intimidating to patients and clients. Creating a serene atmosphere puts visitors at ease and actually promotes healing.

Financial Institutions

The economy may be hurting, but Feng Shui can give you a “leg up” on the competition. Banks and mortgage companies can benefit by providing an invigorating space for clients and employees to increase the possibility of financial success.


Schools are going through major changes in the new millennium. Students, teachers and administrators are surrounded with distractions and education is becoming more challenging. Improvements to classrooms can result in longer attention spans and respect for authority. Principals and deans need to learn where to focus their attention for the greatest good, and support staff must feel supported themselves.

Service Industries and Retail Establishments

Stores can choose where to direct traffic through proper placement.  Realtors can learn to stage homes for quicker sales.  Restaurants can use Feng Shui to provide a pleasant environment for diners and a functional space for employees.

Diane helped me with the transition of moving my spa business. We did everything she suggested to create and keep positive energy in our new space. We tripled the size of our customer database in less than a year! Throughout the years we would have Diane back for a “touch-up” and the business continued to flourish. I have to give much of the credit to Diane and her exceptional knowledge and expertise in the art of Feng Shui!

Kelly Seeley - Temple Terrace, FL