Arrange Your Environment to Create a Better Life!

What if you could become more successful, less stressed and healthier by arranging your spaces in a specific way?  That’s what Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) seeks to do. It involves more than moving your sofa to change your life. The types of materials, the combination of colors, and the way the traffic flows around a space balance and improve our lives in a substantial way. Proponents of Feng Shui have enjoyed increased income, found new love, and flourished in their careers.

ForbiddenCity200Feng Shui is a Chinese art dating back thousands of years.  At that time, invasion from their enemies, dealing with the elements, and mere survival was the goal. Throughout the centuries, humans have gotten away from being in touch with the land. In our attempts to improve our lives, we have created an imbalance in our world. The technology we have created has brought mixed blessings. Though we have information at our fingertips and the world has become smaller by bringing us all together, a price has been paid. We live in a society that is constantly bombarded with negative images on TV, in newspapers and on the web. (For a Free Report “How to Reduce Stress 27 Ways” click here.) The air around us has become toxic. Waterways are polluted. Our lives seem to be spinning out of control. Renewed interest in this ancient art is a way of gaining back Buy Kamagra control, restoring balance, refreshing ourselves and our environment and focusing back on our priorities. It is simple and complex all at the same time.

By blending eastern and western philosophies, interior design with Feng Shui principles, and old values with new techniques, we can improve our lives on every front. From health to love to career, Feng Shui offers techniques to improve the quality of life.

Feng shui can be applied to both home and business environments. It can be as simple as rearranging what you already have with some minor additions or completely redesigning a space. Go to the Gallery to See Examples.

Your environment is speaking loudly to you all the time...
make sure it is saying nice things!

We have used Diane’s services for both Feng Shui and design. She chose our materials and finishes to be neutral enough to appeal to a broad market, yet with enough design flair to distinguish us from our competitors. Early on Diane advised us which properties to purchase and how to site our homes. She then did Feng Shui clearings on our land. Our spec homes often sold before they were even listed. As the housing market declined, we called her in again to “do her magic”. One house that had sat on the market for many months sold the day after we instituted Diane’s suggestions.

Thomas Kennedy - Roken Development - Beverly Hills, FL